Buying and Selling Art

Moonstar sources and advises on fine art purchase and sale transactions. We offer expert art advisory services tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients. Our expertise, knowledge of the art market, relationships, and experience allow us to give the right advice and close transactions in a smooth and rigorous manner. We also advise on market trends, relative value, condition, and authenticity. We use our global network to source art from private collectors, dealers or at auction. Most importantly, we always implement thorough independent due diligence. We also advise our clients on the best options when selling Art, helping them choose the right time, method and venue. 

Auction Services

Moonstar can provide guidance through the entire auction process. We constantly monitor the auction market (New-York, London, Paris, Hong-Kong), and are creating extensive analytical reports exclusively reserved to our clients. We have strong relationships with all three major auction houses. We have access to condition reports, detailed images, market intelligence to help our clients make the right and informed decision. We carry out all due diligence needed prior to bidding. We also advise our clients on buying opportunities at auction based on our extensive experience of choosing the right artwork and of developing the right bidding strategy.

Curating and Art Consulting

Moonstar advises fine arts professionals (art galleries, art fairs, auction houses, investment funds, family offices) to help them get all the benefits from a global art market impacted by profound structural changes. In that context, it is about defining better and differentiating strategies and execute those strategies in the most efficient manner. We have worked with selected players in high-end hospitality, luxury goods brands, and the real estate industry who understand that art activations can support innovative branding or marketing strategies. We have extensive experience in curating custom-tailored art exhibits, commissioned art installations,  art events, or cultural activations driven by partnerships to maximize any marketing and branding impacts.

Fine Art Appraisals

Sebastien Laboureau is a fine art appraiser certified with the International Federation of Fine Art Appraisers (IFAA). We are certified with all major insurance carriers to provide replacement value. We can appraise a single artwork or entire art collections.

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